My mom, Marna and I went ziplining at Red Frog resort.

Everyone had to wear a harness, a helmet and a shackle and rolling clip to attach to the zipline. I felt silly when they dressed me up like that.


I had to carry my rolling clip and shackle up and down the path and up the stairs. It was heavy. On the first platform I had to wait for my turn.


The guide clipped me on the line, explained me what to do and off I went. Zip zoom! It was great fun. I went really fast.


There were seven ziplines in total. Most of the lines I could do by myself.



Sometimes when they clipped me on, my feet did not touch the ground. They would have to hold me so I wouldn’t zip away yet.



On one of the platforms we saw monkeys. On another we saw a sloth.


For the longest zipline you had to be heavier than me. A guide and a boy went with me. We were all clipped together like a train. Zip zoom! Very fast! It was a speed train!


I love ziplining!!!


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