“There is just one life for each of us: our own” – Euripides

The permanent crew is a family of five. We take on extra crew according to the route and as the need arises.


How to describe Arthur? This is what Winnie came up with: If you see him move effortlessly in the water you could mistake him for some type of predator fish, at other times a merman. If he surfaces water and starts talking, you are sure he is a pirate. Observe him roaming around the land, you know for sure: he is a hunter. A man of many different skills, many different lives. He is that adaptable that even the colour of his eyes changes according to his mood. Not many people ‘get’ what Arthur is about. People either love or hate him. There seems to be nothing in between.


Winnie is like an onion: underneath the outer skin there are many different layers. A passionate mental health promotion professional, a psychologist with a few tricks up her sleeve, a mom of three beautiful children. Her professional focus has been on resilience. Ironically, 2016 and preparing for the trip around the world seriously tested and tried our own endurance. We will put all accumulated knowledge and experience into good use!


Yoren is wise for his age (12). From an early age his head weighed too much for his shoulders. In primary school he discovered that having too many brains and an unsalted opinion does not always help fitting in with your peers. Coming from a non-conformist family did not help either. Luckily all things have grown in proportion. Devouring books is his hobby, as well as taking things apart to study how they work.


Arno (11) is a real sunshine kid and a pleasure to have around. He takes life as it comes. He understands the art of living in the moment. Give him a nice beach, some big waves, good food and he radiates. Chasing fish with a rod or net can keep him busy for hours. In class and amongst other kids he likes being the clown. He enjoys dancing and entertaining.


Gitane, from the Spanish ‘gypsy’, was born for this lifestyle. She has an active and inquisitive mind that needs constant feeding. At age 4, she knows exactly what she wants and manages to express those needs perfectly well. She has the memory of an elephant. She can think up a song for every occasion.


Although Exodus is Dutch registered we sail under the South African crew flag, as the prevailing nationality on board is South African. There is a link to Belgium. But since none of the crew is ‘born with a brick in the stomach’ (as the popular saying goes) and will definitely not find highest happiness living in the same house near the church tower for the rest of their lives, South Africa it is.

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