A unique life experience

We are sailing around the world, starting from Malta. This will take several years -with extended breaks in select countries- as it is a lifestyle choice, where the realities of travel, kids’ education and finances have to be blended.

We want to offer our 3 children a unique life experience that contributes to their general development, and allows them to develop their skills and personality more fully than in any standard schooling system.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is the starting point: being active every day, eating very few processed foods, breathing fresh air, and stimulated by what they see around them instead of what school, society or some screen tells them. A daily diet of water and sunshine.

  • Teaching history becomes more fun against the backdrop of a Greek, Roman or prehistoric temple, or after a visit to one of the crusader castles, …
  • Geology and geography lessons take shape when we explore the Amazon river, the Panama canal, the Caribbean coral archipelagos, Vulcanic landscapes, sheer cliffs, ….
  • Evolution becomes tangible after a stop at the Galapagos.


Our kids learn from an early age to be attentive and interested in what is going on around them. A frequently changing environment triggers many questions. Answers are found in various sources (books, internet, research).

Learning sprouts from a genuine desire to know more about what you hear, see, feel, smell, taste around you.

Education becomes more natural and is experience-based, making the newly acquired knowledge stick better.

A good quality microscope, dive and snorkel gear, a kayak that the kids can manage, aid in the search.

We hope to imprint a deep respect for the elements and nature. A respect that is contagious with their peers.

Apart from visiting extraordinary places we are firm believers that each situation is an educational experience.

All kids are actively involved, on their level, with the daily planning and organising life on board. They are part of the crew. Self-esteem is not just built on empty praise. It develops from a solid base and a broad skill level.

The aim is to discover nature, history and culture of various countries and environments together as a family and to meet other families with similar ideas.

Our choice for extra crew happens in function of the children’s education.

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