I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”― Anaïs Nin

Children of the wind

In Afrikaans there is an expression that resonates with us: ‘Kinders van die wind’. In English, it translates to something like ‘Children of the wind’. It indicates wanderers that follow the wind, for whom the journey is more important than the end. They are not tied down by any society. They come and go as they want. They are free. They are their own.

Traveling and living away from the confines of society is not new for us. Arthur made his life out of being different and being an adventurer. Winnie landed up in Africa after an 1,5 year overland trip with an old Landrover and stayed there for another 8,5 years. Yoren and Arno were born in Africa and spent their toddler years on a small island.

Future-proof education

As parents we see it as our responsibility to provide our three kids with the skills and education they will need in their future. The world is changing rapidly. By introducing them to the international cruising community, letting them taste from different continents, and find their way around different cultures, they will feel equally at home in developed and developing economies. They will have the skills to land on their feet, no matter what the future brings. The theoretical, cultured, political correct thinking of the first world will not suffice. It needs supplementing with no nonsense, hands-on, experiential knowledge, a broad skill level, high flexibility, excellent problem solving and creative thinking, combined with a founded and healthy sense of self-confidence.

A 9 to 5 job, is no longer an option

Stepping a few paces back from Western society and being responsible for your own life and choices makes you more critical of what is considered ‘normal life’. It teaches that there is a whole world out there, within reach. It gives confidence to make more unconventional choices. Sure, you can live in the ‘normal world’ for a while, as long as it doesn’t last too long. Underneath there is a restlessness because life is short, and there is so much more to be discovered. At some point, fitting in a 9 to 5 job, is no longer an option. Decision time: you either sell out to a comfortable life or stick with your life philosophy and make some hard decisions.

A Spartan lifestyle

Although we enjoy a little comfort once in a while, we do not consider it an essential part in our lives. Comfort is nice and you get habituated to it very easily, but if you don’t have it you don’t really miss it. A Spartan lifestyle appeals to us. Going back to the basics, away from the things that pollute our bodies, minds, souls, … Away from the bullshit on television, the biased media, the rat race, the unhealthy lifestyle, the peer pressure and pressure on kids. We trade that in for lots of salt water, favourable winds, unknown depths, and new horizons.

Like the Spartans, we also enjoy a good dose of humour. After a fright or a difficult day, a good one liner, a dry witty remark, a thigh slapping joke and some wise cracks are just what the doctor ordered.

Our goal

So yes, we will go where the wind blows us. But do not be mistaken, we have a clear goal. We are determined to make the most out of all our lives and provide the best possible education to all the children.

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