GypSea Crochet Tops

Handmade with love in Bocas del Toro  —    Tailor made – On request  +507 61508930

Did you ever…

  • Get frustrated with the available swim wear in your piece of paradise?
  • Feel very disappointed when your expensive bikini started stretching beyond recognition after frequent use in a salty, high UV environment?
  • Look shocked when you saw the price tag on the one bikini that could possibly look nice on you?
  • Crave a quality product that is exactly your size and makes you sparkle?


That is how I felt.

I have never been well endowed and lack very feminine forms. I have to be very picky about what I can wear if do not wish to be flattened like a boy. Every bikini I bought in a shop, I had to modify.

Friends with a fuller body complain about uncomfortable straps, elastics uncomfortably cutting into your flesh etc.

The more tops I make, the more I realise how universal my problem is. Finding that one bikini in the shop that fits your body shape like a glove and emphasizes your best parts is so hard. For that reason I prefer to tailor make the bikini tops.

For life in, on, around water

I live on water. I dip in and out of the water constantly. I am happy to have found twine that can accomodate my need for strength, durability, and can cope with the strong UV factor and salinity.

I have tried out different designs (and continue doing so). There are some designs I prefer for daily wear on the boat (which I have been wearing for months on end, as they are so comfortable), others for swimming, and some for beach. Of course, all of this is personal, that’s why it is good to have different designs.


I crochet with fishing net twine. This offers a high UV resistance and high salt water resistance. The yarn has a soft glossy finish and is nice to the touch. When it is wet it dries at the same rate as the normal bikini material. So far, the tops last me at least twice as long as an ordinary bikini.


The tops are surprisingly comfortable. Even when the material is wet it does not feel itchy or scratchy. In the beginning it takes a little practise to tie it just right (as you might still be thinking of the fuss free elastic straps of normal new bikinis), to take care the plaided or crochet straps are not twisted (as that will leave a crease in your skin), but that becomes second nature after a short while.


I take pleasure in playing around with colours and designs and take pride in coming up with a product that fits you perfectly. A- , F or anything in between? Can do! Small, big, unequal, in need of extra support? No problem. Let me know what you like and I’ll give it my best. Challenge me!


Prices range between $12 and $35, depending on design, amount of yarn, and the time it takes. There is no difference in price to have it tailor-made.

Handmade with love in Bocas del Toro. Contact me on whatsapp +507 61508930

Shop till you drop

Have a look at some designs. Let me know if you see anything you like. Or, get inspired and contact me for a tailor made order!

Simple triangle design

Basic bikini top design. Brazilian style. Colourful. Choose between crochet or plaited straps. View





Broad straps, halter back, front closing

Ideal for gals that prefer a broader strap, a bit more support and comfort, as well as a tad of elegance. View.




High neck designs

Look stunning on the beach, or for a night out in town. View.









For extra support. Or for a predefined fuller shape. View.






Bikini bottoms

Different colourful designs. Tongs and normal. Choose between crochet or plaited straps. View.






Underwear – strong cotton sewing thread, cotton yarn. View.

About me

I live on the sailing boat Exodus in the north anchorage in Bocas del Toro.

I am a homeschooling mom.

I crochet while I supervise the homeschooling.

Contact me on whatsapp +507 61508930.